Leveraging Your Influence
for God's Kingdom

Full Armor is a program designed to help you grow spiritually and leverage your influence for God’s Kingdom. It is not a Bible study or a fellowship group, though we do both. It is not a collection of materials or information that makes Full Armor successful. It is a process that will challenge and stretch you to Get Strong Spiritually.

Full Armor is a 10-month process that launches every year in January. Groups consist of 4-8 individuals (men with men and women with women) who meet weekly. The first three weeks of each month all follow the same pattern. There are 5 Bible readings, 2 Full Armor Journals (explained in detail below), and one memory verse per week, which will be discussed at each meeting. The fourth week of every month will have a unique assignment and book to read. We will also have a year-end event to celebrate what God has done in you and your group. This event is for all groups, past, and present.