About Our Groups

Bible Reading Group

This is an opportunity to read God's Word with other believers in an online group. We will post daily readings, short videos, devotions, and general thoughts by our team as we interact around God's Word. Join us as we walk through God's Word together.


Online Discipleship Groups (Men's Groups & Women's Groups)

Get Strong Discipleship is a program designed to help you grow spiritually and leverage your influence for God's Kingdom. This process will challenge and stretch you to Get Strong Spiritually. Groups consist of 4-6 individuals (men with men and women with women) who meet weekly for ten months. One of our trained Get Strong Discipleship Leaders will lead these groups.


Discipleship Leader Group

If you are leading a discipleship group, Get Strong wants to come alongside you to encourage and equip you along the way. This group will allow you to share best practices with other leaders. We will provide resources, training, and community as you lead your group. We want to invest in you as you invest in others.


Strong Owners Groups for Gym Owners

Strong Owners is a ministry uniquely designed to strengthen you (the gym owner) in every area of life. We know you are not just leading a small business but also leading a community, your family, and ultimately leading yourself. A Strong Owners Group is a community of like-minded gym owners partnering to strengthen each other in critical areas. We believe that success starts from the inside out, and we want to help you Get Strong and Stay Strong in the following areas:

  • Get Strong Spiritually
  • Get Strong Personally
  • Get Strong Relationally
  • Get Strong Leadership

Strong Owners is a one-of-a-kind Mastermind program. Each week, 8-10 gym owners join a video conference where they come to motivate, encourage, and support one another. We meet people where they are, and we help them achieve their goals as a group.


How to join our online community:

Here are a few tips to help you get started:
1)  Start with the Link below to login
2)  Download the "Circle Communities" App
3) There are instructions and resources in the Get Started section.  
4) Modify notifications using the 🔔 at the bottom of the screen, then the settings button in the top left.